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Rippon buff sandstone paving slabs patio packs - this sandstone owing to the natural orange,??yellow and beige shade. It is a fine-grained and smooth multicoloured sandstone with some accentuated veins running through its surface.

Because of the inherent properties of sandstones, such as anti-wear, durable and affordable, Rippon buff sandstone is extremely popular in the interior and exterior paving, the ideal for traditional and contemporary patio and driveway.

Patio slabs Rippon buff Indian sandstone paving in our ever-popular Project Pack which offers a mixed patio pack of flags for laying random designs and our single size 900x600. Our standard Rippon buff Indian Sandstone Paving has a riven surface is calibrated to 22mm.


Best Value Among the Best Quality Buff Sandstone Paving | CE Certificate | ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

CE MARKE???? ISO 9001 2015

All of our Rippon buff Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs directly from our Indian partner quarry because we constructed global networks of the stone industry by 20 years rich experience.

We directly imported Rippon Buff sandstone slabs from Indian quarry partner, so you can create that patio renovation using premium sandstone slabs with economic and affordable costs, it doesn't cost your lot of money anymore.

Our grey sandstone paving slabs are 22mm calibrated! Unlike some, we don't sell cheap paving slabs 18-25 mm uncalibrated slabs, so we can assure you of consistency laid. Very saving for both contractors, landscaper and your time. Wherever you will buy sandstone slabs, it's best to find out whether the slabs are calibrated before ordering, the uncalibrated slabs are generally ??1.5/m2 cheaper.

We also wholesale and retail Kandla grey sandstone paving slabs, Kandla grey sandstone paving patio slabs, autumn brown sandstone paving slabs, autumn brown sandstone paving patio slabs, Raj green sandstone paving slabs, Raj green sandstone paving patio slabs.

Collect paving slabs, patio slabs in our Paving Stone Warehouse: Retailers and landscapers are welcome to collect at our distribution centre in the bigger discount of trade term, Call us on 01908 973298. We are distribution centre of Indian Kandla grey sandstone quarry in the UK.??

STONE VARIETIES Buff Sandstone Paving
MATERIAL Sandstone Paving
FINISHED FACE Split Stone, Riven Paving
THICKNESS Nominal 22 mm
SIZE & PACKS 900 x 600 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
600 x 600 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
600 x 290 x 22 mm, 16 Slabs
290 x 290 x 22 mm, 12 Slabs
EDGE Hand-Cut
LAID 10-15 joint
Size guide

Rippon Buff Sandstone Paving Slabs, Patio Packs 22mm Cal. ??21.16/m2

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Vendor: Stone Paving Direct Ltd

Type: Sandstone Paving

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