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Porcelain paving Ash cement 600x600x20mm is matt finished design, the surface is Cement sense, the colour available in Grey.

Cement series porcelain paving is full-coloured body porcelain slab, which is scratch-resistant, very strong load resistant with minimal maintenance, it gives the surface more lively, and its subtle cream markings add fun and warmth and dynamic to contemporary design, which is also known as vitrified paving.


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Our porcelain paving slabs are FULL COLOURED BODY TILES, they are sintered glazed porcelain tiles made of natural clay with high-tech digital printing colours and texture on the surface. Due to higher than industry standards, the full coloured body of our porcelain slab is similar to the surface colour design, this advantage is that the colour of the chipped portion is maintained a similar colour as the surface even under very occasional intense impact.

Our full coloured body porcelain 20mm tiles are made of a mixture of refined natural clay and coloured natural pigments after passing through the sintering and pressing phase. Advances in technology have made it possible to imitate the colour and texture of natural stone on the surface of porcelain tiles by using digital printing Definitely, base on flexible design method, full-coloured body glazed porcelain tiles are more popular than full body porcelain tiles for the homeowner.

Our high slip-resistant and scratch full coloured body porcelain slabs are suitable for residential property out space, such as the patio, garden, walk path, driveway, and some commercial sites.

As an honest wholesaler, we are obliged to tell you frankly about the origin of our products and the level of manufacturer, we only wholesale CE standard quality porcelain paving from the world-class manufacturer - Simola Vitrified Pvt Ltd.
CE MARKE???? ISO 9001 2015

Tips: When grouting in the gaps of porcelain paving slabs, the solidifiable chemical grout material should be cleaned immediately, actually, we strongly discourage the use of coloured solidifiable chemical grout, otherwise, the resin hardener will make impression on the textured slabs. The stain doesn't be absorbed but coloured solidifiable chemical hardener may not be removed from the textured surface of slabs.

RioStone?? Catalogue - 2020.PDF

Test Certificate Of 20mm CGCRI.PDF

Technical Specification.PDF

Test Report ?€? Bureau Veritas.PDF

Collect in Felixstowe Warehouse: Retailers and landscapers are welcome to collect at our distribution centre in Felixstowe, UK in order to take advantage of the discounts and trade deals we offer. Also, don?€?t hesitate to call us on 01908 973 298.

Porcelain Paving, CE standard
Ash, Grey
FINISHED FACE Textured Surface Embossed
SIZE & PACKS 52 Slabs for 600 x 600 mm
Rectified Edges
WATER ABSORBING Less than 0.50%
LOAD BEARING Heavy Loading
Frost, Salts, Chemicals, Water-Stains, Algae, Mould, Moss
World-Class Factory: Simola Vitrified Private Ltd

Check out our short video "Breaking Strength of Simola Porcelain Paving Slabs", you can understand this world-class 20mm outdoor tiles.

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Vendor: Stone Paving Direct Ltd

Type: Porcelain Paving

Sku: CMNT-ASH-662-52

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