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Blue grey granite plank, named as blue black, mid gery linear. Directly imported from our own granite quarry in China, it is ideal for paving edging and borders. You can create garden patio renovation and commercial landscape paving using this premium granite paving slabs with affordable prices

Blue Grey Granite Quarry: We sell mid grey granite in paving, cobbles, wall cladding, countertop in China and all over the world under our brand, working this way gives us a lot of import power so we can always provide the consistent quality and best prices in the UK. Now, we come to the UK to share our direct resource of granite??paving with customers.

We do not accept orders below ??388 for 900x200 blue-grey, otherwise, it will be cancelled and refunded.

Important note - the occasionally but acceptable little bit white line on the slab is a natural geological formation or mineralogical crystallisation. It is not a defect but a natural occurrence that can exist in some slabs. As a rule of thumb, this may appear in up to 5% of blue-grey granite stone slabs, more appearance when slabs are wet. If you are concerned by this occurrence, we would strongly suggest you consider alternative products like porcelain paving slabs as they are man-made and therefore are guaranteed not to exhibit these natural characteristics.

In the UK, this material is named as mid-grey granite, graphite grey granite, blue-grey granite, blue-black granite, dark grey granite, granite paving dusk. All names are the same material.

Best Blue Grey Granite Paving Plank | Best??Prices | Premium Quality

Blue Grey Granite Paving Plank by G654 Granite Quarry Wholesaler

COLOUR Warning,??Do you know the block material prices of blue-grey granite have been skyrocketing after the original G654 granite quarry stopped? We have stored a lot of material blocks of original G654 mid grey granite, so we can keep the stable prices for a??long time. In the current market, there are many blue-grey granites are faking original mid grey granite. That inferior effect after laying is completely different. Please check the samples carefully and buy. Our mid grey granite is guaranteed to be original.

Tips:??Very simply the smooth side is the bottom. The rough side (flamed finished) is the top. This is so that the slab affords some texture to ensure a good grip. If the use the smooth side (sawn face) on the top, when wet this could be quite slippery. The bottom sawn scar is acceptable.

We emphasize most strongly that granite paving should be fully bedded and not laid on dots and dabs mortar, do not let dots bedding, dabs bedding, spot bedding, ring bedding and other uneven mortar to support slabs.

Collect paving slabs, patio slabs in our Paving Stone Warehouse: Retailers and landscapers are welcome to collect at our distribution centre in Felixstowe, UK in order to take advantage of the discounts and trade deals we offer. Also, don?€?t hesitate to call us on 01908 973 298

STONE VARIETIES Blue Grey Granite Plank
COLOUR Blue Grey, Mid Grey
MATERIAL Granite Paving
FINISHED FACE Flamed Slabs, Anti-Slip
SIZE & PACKS 900 x 200 x 20 mm, 99 Slabs
THICKNESS Nominal 20 mm
LAID 5-8 mm Joint
MANUFACTURER Oversea own quarry and factory

A video review explaining key features of the product - in this video we are showing our 900 x 600 but features are the same for all sizes.

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Blue Grey Granite Plank, Blue Black Linear, 900 x 200 ??32.29/m2

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